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Пролистать презентацию к уроку по английскому языку для 6 класса по теме: «Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии»

Карта Великобритании
The United Kingdom of great Britain and Northen Ireland




Карта Великобритании

The UK (United Kingdom) is really four countries in one – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. ​

It is situated in the north-west of Europe.​

The UK is separated from the continent by the English Channel.​

There is any type of scenery in the country. Highlands turn into lowlands, forests and hills turn into meadows and plains very quickly. ​

A person from the UK is often called a ‘Brit’ (short for ‘British’).​

Флаг и герб Великобритании
Size: 242,534 sq. km​
Population: 55,487,000​
Capital city: London​



Елизавета II
The Head of the UK is Queen Elizabeth II since 6 February 1952. ​

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British Monarch.​



Дэвид Кемерон
The Prime Minister is based at 10 Downing Street in Westminster, London. Most government departments have their headquarters nearby in Whitehall. ​

ДепартаментThe Government of the UK is led by the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party.
The Government is made up of Members of Parliament, who are elected every five years. 


ЦветыThe floral symbols of the countries.





Герб Англии
England is the largest part of the United Kingdom. The Southeast is a highly populated region of England. There is a lot of industry near the Thames. ​
London and such historical cities as Windsor, Dover and Brighton are situated here. The county of Kent is known as the garden of England. ​
The Southwest used to be known for its pirates. It is a popular place for writers, artists and holidaymakers. The main cities are Bristol and Bath.​
East Anglia is very flat. It is famous for its picturesque hedges and green meadows.
The Midlands, known as the heart of England, is the largest industrial part of the country. The most important cities are Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. Stratford is the birthplace of William Shakespeare.​
The main attractions of the North of England are the Lake District, the city of York and Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall.

Аттракционы Англии
Attractions of England




Герб Шотландии
Scotland is to the north of England. The country is divided into Highlands and Lowlands. Glasgow is its largest and busiest town, Edinburgh is its capital. Edinburgh is known as the Athens of the North. It is famous for Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace which is a residence of the Queen when she is in Scotland. The Edinburgh military tattoo takes place every August and September. 600 people play military music and march to it. At the same time the is another cultural event, the famous Edinburgh festival. It is one big party with great music, theatre and films.

The Highlands of Scotland is a wild and romantic area. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain of the UK (1343 m high). ​

Edinburgh is connected with the name of famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns. ​
It famous for a monument 200 feet high to Sir Walter Scott.


Аттракционы Шотландии

Attractions of Scotland.





Герб Уэльса
Wales is to the west of England. It is the country with its own geography, culture, traditions and language. Wales has a changeable, maritime climate.​
Wales is a land of green fields, forests and farms. But it is also a land of mountains and valleys, streams and waterfalls. Snowdon is the second highest mountain in Britain. ​
Cardiff is an industrial city, which also has a castle, a cathedral and a university. ​

The capital city and the main port is Cardiff.
The national anthem of Wales is ‘Old Land of My Fathers’.
Wales is represented by the symbol of the red Welsh Dragon, but other national emblems include the leek and daffodil.
Wales’ patron saint is St David.

Аттракционы Уэльса
Attractions of Wales.





Герб Северной Ирландии
Northern Ireland is the smallest country of the UK. It borders the Republic of Ireland to its south and west. ​


Северная Ирландия
The capital city is Belfast. ​
Attractions include cultural festivals, musical and artistic traditions, countryside and geographical sites of interest, welcoming hospitality and sports.

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